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Kai Greene's belly inflation by ls6y06cl6a0n Kai Greene's belly inflation by ls6y06cl6a0n
A morph of my favorite bodybuilder, Kai Greene.

There's also a story to go along with it.
(It's a belly inflation story, so if you're not into that, please ignore the story below)

His trainer, at the gym:
-OK Kai, your training is over for today!
-Ooof. Cool, I'm starvin'!, he said, drinking the last drop from his bottle.
-Wait, I got something special for you! It will amplifiate the effects of your workout. It's a special shake that will be absorbed by your sore muscles and inflate them! Drink it!
-Woah, the whole pitcher? It's too big, man!
-Yeah... It's 3 liters, but you have to drink it all: your body will store the excess.
-Mmmh. OK then. Good thing I'm thirsty!

And he proceed to drink the heavy, thick liquid. His stomach is bigger than normal people: the gorging session after his workout distended it to hold much more food. He drink half of it, and then:
-I'm not sure I should, my belly is stil expanding... I look pregnant already.
-Your belly will deflate tomorrow. DRINK!
Kai chug the rest, his roid gut expands. His abs disappear completely, and his belly button is now a deep hole the size of a golf ball.

-OOOOhhhh. I'm so big now...
(It's the picture above, Kai looking at his belly, worried)

-You had to! It will make every protein expand like crazy!
-...! Protein? Shit!
-What's the matter?
-You know the big bottle that I drank during my workout? It wasn't water!
-Yeah, I was thinking, you know, that I should try to pack on the carbs in offseason right now. That bottle was a protein shake!

Then, a growling sound, like a volcano about to erupt, Kai's belly began to shake, and slowly expand...
-Shit, Kai, that shake is going to expand at least ten time the volume it was...
-Oooooohhh... I I'm about to..... blow up...

His belly began just above his manhood and forming a shelf below his big pecs. His trainer help him to lay on the floor, in the alley between the lockers. Kai's training pants ripped from the size of his waist, letting his beach ball-size belly inflate even further.

His pecs were pushing against his neck and his chin... His already large waist allow his belly to grow spherically, beggining from the flat of his back.
Even his voice became lower and deeper, like he was becoming a bigger man. He thinks that he feels all his muscles expand a little, but maybe it's just his imagination..

The trainer was just watching in awe, unable to do anything.

The locker alley was large, but Kai's giant belly became as large as it can, and his side began to touch the lockers. The giant ball of flesh pushed in height, 3 feets from the ceilling.
His skin was so stretch-out that it emits the sound of overinflated rubber balloons rubbing on each other. The growling sound became louder and louder...

Just at the point of rupture, it stops. The solid ball, hard as a rock, inflated to the extreme maximum. In his new deep voice, he just let a sound escape from his throat:

The trainer, trying to prevent his skin from rupturing, began to spread cream over the blimp belly, making it shinnier than ever. His entire arm can now fit into the giant hole that is Kai's belly button.

The gym staff let Kai sleep there for the night, thinking of a solution to get him out of there the next day, because he clearly needed a bigger door to exit the room.

But the following morning, they got the surprise of their life when they see Kai on the ground of the locker room. They realised that the shake worked, and the entire volume in his stomach spread in his muscle all across his body...!
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what in the blue fuck
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